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Inkbird IBBQ-2T

Bluetooth Thermometer


INKBIRD IBT-2XS Smart is a smart wireless digital thermometer enabling to monitor the temperature of the food being barbecued not only on the device itself but also on the screen of your smart phone or computer. You will only need to select the type of the meal being barbecued, record its temperature and the thermometer will notify you as soon as the food is ready. This feature is particularly convenient when barbecuing is a long process or in cold outdoor temperatures as in this way you will not need to stand at the grill and monitor the inner temperature of the food being cooked. The thermometer will connect to your phone via Bluetooth.
Thermometer IBT-2X Smart is equipped with an LED display and two stainless steel probes as well as a holder for 1 probe. The parameters of the thermometer may be monitored on a smart device upon downloading a free app BBQ GO with a temperature guide, an option enabling to set individual temperature for a meal of your preference, with a timer and the ALARM option set to warn of an unexpected increase in temperature, etc.
The thermometer is powered by 2 x AAA type batteries (purchased separately). The operating distance is up to 50 m. The temperature range is 0-300 C, possible temperature tolerance is +-1 C. Menu language: English. A 12-month warranty period applies to the product.

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