Hardcore Carnivore Cookbook

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    Hardcore Carnivore Cookbook

    Hardcore Carnivore is a protein-packed cookbook for meat lovers everywhere.
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    Hardcore Carnivore Multi Pack

    One shaker of each of our Hardcore Carnivore rub varieties. Pack includes: 1 x Black - our original and best selling charcoal rub for beef. 1 x Red - chicken & pork All Purpose seasoning with a vivid all-natural color. 1 x Camo - our wild game and lamb seasoning designed to complement more robust meats. 1 x Meatchelada -  this premium Lone Star Beer collab chili lime seasoning adds a zesty kick. Shakers are full/normal size, not "sample" size. All Hardcore Carnivore rubs are made in Texas, gluten free, no MSG, no artificial colors and keto friendly.

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