Kobe Wagyu Beef A5 (Fully Certified from Japan)

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A5 Japanese Kobe Striploin.

Higgins Butchers is a licensed seller of Kobe Beef and is a member of  The World Kobe Beef Association.


Simply out-of-this-world-good is the only way to describe it.


Born and raised in the Kobe City, the Tajima cattle grows up on selected rice plants and corn. The meat is known for its refined, rich sweetness and unique aroma. The highest Tajima grading is Kobe.

Kobe beef is the highest quality beef around the globe. Once tasted, never forgotten. Kobe beef are grown by farmers with love and pride, in the tradition since 1200. Calves are given fresh, clean water to drink and only the very best feed and raised in a stress-free, relaxing environments where they can grow at their leisure to maturity. The deliciousness of Kobe Beef is also scientifically proved. The “Shimofuri” is a fine, delicate meat having a high degree of fat marbling. This meat has tender fibers and its own, unique refined sweetness. It is rich in oleic acids which determine the taste of fat and contribute to its outstanding flavor.

There are 9 Golden Rules for the prestigious Kobe Beef

1- The cattle breeder has to be part of the Kobe association and raise his cattle accordingly
2- Has to be born and raised in the area of Hyogo
3- Has to be Japanese black

4- Females should never have carried veal and males should be castrated

5- All have to be between 28 months and 60 months
6- Male 260 kg until 470 kg carcass weigh
or Weight female 230-470 to be able to be called Kobe

7- It has to be sold on the market in the area of Hyogo

8- The yield has to be A or B
9- The Marbling from 6 to 12

It cannot be certified as Kobe Beef if one of the 9 Golden Rules are missing.

*Please note this product may take up to 5 working days to ship

Please note there may be a waiting time involved for this product of up to 60 days. This is because it is imported directly from Japan but is also only available when the A5 grade becomes available to Higgins Family Butcher.

To ensure it’s as fresh as when it left our store, your purchase is delivered in superior, eco-friendly insulated packaging, specifically designed for the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods.
Yes, all products are cut fresh to order so they are perfect for home freezing.
Always remove your meat from the refrigerator one hour before cooking. Allow it to get to room temperature. When finished cooking, always allow your meat to rest for 10 minutes before carving.
Yes, we can trace each piece of meat that enters and leaves our premises. We use a cloud-based traceability and HACCP system with the latest software that is available to us.

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