Beef Butter


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Our Beef Butter 

Homemade by Michael’s of Mount Merrion

It gives a beefy bovine kick to…. well …..everything really in just a minute or two 

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Our Beef Butter 

It gives a beefy bovine kick to…. well …..everything really in just a minute or two 

Think pork crackling, but cow crackling, roasted for hours and hours and hours until it’s sweet, crispy and smells and tastes delicious 

We turn what would usually be waste into a way to naturally uplift your gravy, smear over a steak, top a burger, mix through rice or ….unvegetableise vegetables 

To use simply heat it up, you can do this by smearing it on your steaks thinly as they finish cooking, roll it around hot potatoes or heat it up in a little pot 

To ensure it’s as fresh as when it left our store, your purchase is delivered in superior, eco-friendly insulated packaging, specifically designed for the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods.
Yes, all products are cut fresh to order so they are perfect for home freezing.
Always remove your meat from the refrigerator one hour before cooking. Allow it to get to room temperature. When finished cooking, always allow your meat to rest for 10 minutes before carving.
Yes, we can trace each piece of meat that enters and leaves our premises. We use a cloud-based traceability and HACCP system with the latest software that is available to us.

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